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Nabil Aoulad Ayad, a Moroccan-Dutch comedian who makes jokes about his own story

Nabil Aoulad Ayad, is a Dutch standup comedian of Moroccan descent who is about to conclude his first one man show in the Netherlands. His origins, past and memories were at the core of his show «Time Machine» which introduces his life in a funny yet meaningful way. 

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Nabil Aoulad Ayad, a Moroccan-Dutch stand up comedian./Ph. DR

The Berber standup comedian, Nabil Aoulad Ayad, is leading a successful life in the Netherlands. Son of Moroccan parents who immigrated to the European country years ago, Nabil is now a well-known artist concluding his first one man show tour. The 32 year-old man started his career in 2006 as a beat-box champion by participating in a Dutch talent show.

In 2008 he made his first appearance before the camera in a series entitled «Onderweg Naar Morgen» where he plays the role of Youssef El Bassirity. Nabil also participated to «Comedy Factory» on RTL4, hosted by Najib Amhali another Moroccan-Dutch man. In 2015, he took part of «Leids Cabaret Festival», an annual event dedicated to comedians and theater. 

Born in Waalwijk, a city in southern Netherlands, Nabil is a member of an immigrant family from Al Hoceima. When he was 9, he lost his father to a heart attack. At the age of 18 he moved to Amsterdam where he is living now. «I started doing stand-up comedy when I was 21, and I was nervous the first time», Nabil told Yabiladi adding «I wrote some jokes down and I tried them at a comedy club in Amsterdam».

A one man show to recall memories 

Inspired by his past and memories, the standup comedian created later a show that he named «Time Machine» and did a number of line-up shows. «I am touring with my own show all across the Netherlands», Nabil stated. 

Turning pain into laughter is what Nabil is trying to achieve through his first one man show. As featured in the teasing video of his show, when visiting his mother, he discovered a bottle  that had a number of photos, souvenirs and objects that reminded him of the good old times. «I like political, absurdist and dark humor», Nabil stated recalling a number of international humorists that he likes and draws inspiration from. 

Asked about his future plans, the Moroccan-Dutch comedian declared that he wants to be «a successful comedian in more countries like the United States». His tour will end tomorrow and will be resumed after the summer. «I'm not planning something but I would like to play in Morocco, so maybe in the future», Nabil concluded.

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