Diaspo #52 : «Sumaya Style» the burkini brand created by a Moroccan woman in Spain

In Spain, the ban on burkini is not a thing. However, almost no brand sells the clothing piece. A Moroccan woman managed to make that possible by creating her own burkini line «Sumaya Style».

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Moroccan entrepreneur Soumia Elouali Hanini the owner and founder of the Sumaya Burkini brand./Ph. DR

Soumia Elouali Hanini is from Bouznika. She left Morocco for Spain in 1997, for a summer vacation but ended up settling down there. «I did not plan to stay there, but fell in love with the country and decided to come back for my studies», she told Yabiladi earlier this week.

The young woman sat for her university entrance exam for students who are above 25 years-old, and started studying fashion, design and modeling, before taking makeup classes. Her thirst for knowledge is something she couldn't give up on, as she is currently studying psychology.

After school, Soumia entered the world of entrepreneurship, opening several beauty salons and shops where she sold shoes. But that was just the start for Soumia who quickly embarked on a new experience. She started designing burkinis, creating her own brand «Sumaya Style».

Burkinis for women

The idea crossed her mind when she was in Morocco. Soumia explained that «when [she] was visiting the Kingdom, she noticed that women were swimming with djellabas (long traditional robes), and leggings which was bad for their hygiene».

«Morocco is a Muslim country, and for me the problem needed a solution so that these women can go to the beach without feeling uncomfortable».

Soumia Elouali Hanini

Indeed, Soumia makes her burkinis of the same fabric used in the making of swimsuits. The latter is backed by a technology that eliminates sweating and works as a sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays.

Thanks to these qualities, Soumia's burkinis attract people who are suffering from allergies and skin issues, she stressed.

Dreams for Morocco

In Spain, wearing a burkini is totally acceptable but finding one in a shop there is nearly an impossible mission. The «Sumaya Style» brand is only available online, where you can purchase items from an online shop. The line's customers are mainly from Spain but orders come from abroad too.

Soumia is planning to settle down in Morocco one day as she told Yabiladi. «My long-term project is to come back to my country. I think this is a dream for every Moroccan national living abroad. You study, realize your dreams and then you get that urge of returning to your homeland, with a feeling of accomplishment», she explained.

Another dream of Soumia is to introduce her brand here in Morocco and sell it for veiled women. Meanwhile, she is in the hunt for a distributor, who can make her send her goodies to the Kingdom.