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Help please
Mado25 [ PM ]
13 February 2018 15:59
Salam aleikoum. I would like to know, if it’s normal to have a swelling vagina after your first sex. I just got married 4 days ago , I never had sex before. After my first sex , my vagina is swelling from having repetitive sex these days. Is it normal ? Thanks for answering me.
Moul bignis [ PM ]
13 February 2018 16:02
i think it's normal but tell your husband to go more slowly next time, your vagina is not a toy
yabiman95 [ PM ]
13 February 2018 16:31

maybe you should use a lubricant
le.yabi.fou [ PM ]
13 February 2018 19:42
arlaykoum salam

it's your vagina not ours so how do you want to get a reliable answer?

(do you think we're gynaecologists?)

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