French-Moroccan business executive Ilham Kadri among Fortune’s Most Powerful Women

Moroccan-French business executive Ilham Kadri. / DR
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American multinational business magazine Fortune released, on October 21, its 2020 Most Powerful Women International list.

The list includes Moroccan-French business executive Ilham Kadri. The CEO, chairwoman of the Executive Committee and a member of the Board of Directors of Solvay, a Belgian chemicals company, is ranked 21st by Fortune.

«Kadri took the top job at the 156-year old, Belgium-based multinational in March. The $12.9 billion firm makes advanced materials and specialty chemicals—plastic that’s as strong as metal, for example— that are used in a wide range of products including state-of-the-art automobiles and aircraft, medical devices, and batteries», Fortune wrote. 

Although Kadri, who joined the firm from US cleaning and hygiene product company Diversey, has made some organizational changes and announced her intention to deleverage the company, she plans to outline her broader strategy later this year, the American magazine said.

She studied engineering at ECPM Strasbourg, majoring in polymer physics and chemistry. Kadri obtained her PhD in macromolecular physical chemistry in 1997.

She held several positions in various American and Dutch companies before taking the head of the Belgian Solvay group in March 2019.

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