When allergies prevent some people from enjoying spring

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Spring is officially here allowing most of us to embrace nature and admire all the flourishing flowers out there. However allergies can spoil the fun and prevent some of us from enjoying the cheerful seasonSpring allergy is caused by pollination, a seasonal transfer mediated by the wind to ensure the fertilization of other plans. Trees, plants and grass during this particular season release tiny grains that can get into the nose of someone and trigger their spring allergy.

Having to deal with the runny nose and eyes, the itchy skin and the urge of sneezing and coughing takes away all the fun related to spring. People with spring allergies can develop reactions that can sometimes lead to the hospital. Allergy causes can be linked to several factors namely heredity, environment and a weak immune system. It can also be triggered by smoking and lung diseases.

Najib Lahlou, an allergist, explains that during the transition from winter to spring many plants tend to shed grains. These grains encourage the emergence of hay fever. He points out that seasonal allergies are common during spring time but their symptoms can also occur during different periods of the year. According to the allergist, the biggest spring allergy triggers in Morocco are olive and mimosa trees.

Spring allergies though can be handled. According to Dr Lahlou, people with spring allergies should avoid getting exposed to pollen by shutting their windows and doors and wearing a nose mask. He stresses on the fact that practicing sports can be very beneficial and can minimize the strength of the allergies' symptoms.  

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