Hijabi girls pull off their favorite Avengers costumes at the New York Comic Con

A group of veiled women wore their best Avengers costumes at the New York Comic Con. Their photo went viral on the internet, emphasizing diversity.

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Hijabi girls dressed as Avengers characters at the New York's 2018 Comic Con./Ph. Maliha Fairooz

Who said veiled women cannot be cosplayers ? Attending the New York' 2018 Comic Con, a group of Hijabi girls pulled off their favorite Marvels costumes, proving everyone wrong.

According to American magazine TeenVogue, the veiled cosplayers marked the annual event that took place last weekend and impressed the internet.

In a photo shared on social media by one of these girls, they appear «dressed as characters like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, but the only difference was that they incorporated their hijabs into the looks», says the same source.

On Instagram, one of the cosplayers Maliha Fairouz, posted her squad's photo with a caption saying : «Hello Internet, I give you #HijabHeroes at #nycc2018».

Emphasizing diveristy

The veiled Avengers squad won third place at the «Marvel Becoming Costume Contest» for their creative costumes, said Stepfeed.

The contest takes into consideration «costume craftsmanship, attitude on stage, as well as overall appearance and attitude», said the same source.

In addition to winning, the Hijabi superheroes got so much love and support online. Their brave photo went viral, breaking up with the mainstream image we all had about cosplayers.

«A fantastic approach to our favorite Marvel superheroes, with love and respect to our wonderful Muslim sisters», said an internet user commenting on the viral photo.

For the record, after the Marvel team received positive critics over the Black Panther, a Marvel's movie based on the story of an African superhero and the fight of five African tribes. The film made huge success after its release, thanks to its diversity.

Since then, the Marvel team promised to produce more films in the future that would highlight different cultures and ethnicities.

«New locations and lands that have cultural significance all their own, and continuing to tell stories that represent the world as it is, that represent people who perhaps haven’t seen themselves portrayed in this light in the past. We want to continue to do that», Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feig told Entertainment Weekly, reports TeenVogue.

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