16.21 . ( They are ) dead , not living . And they know not when they will be raised .
16.22 . Your God is One God . But as for those who believe not in the Hereafter their hearts refuse to know , for they are proud .
16.23 . Assuredly Allah knoweth that which they keep hidden and that which they proclaim . Lo! He loveth not the proud .
16.24 . And when it is said unto them : What hath your Lord revealed? they say : ( Mere ) fables of the men of old .
16.25 . That they may bear their burdens undiminished on the Day of Resurrection , with somewhat of the burdens of those whom they mislead without knowledge . Ah! evil is that which they bear!
16.26 . Those before them plotted , so Allah struck at the foundations of their building , and then the roof fell down upon them from above them , and the doom came on them whence they knew not ;
16.27 . Then on the Day of Resurrection He will disgrace them and will say : Where are My partners , for whose sake ye opposed ( My Guidance ) ? Those who have been given knowledge will say : Disgrace this day and evil are upon the disbelievers ,
16.28 . Whom the angels cause to die while they are wronging themselves . Then will they make full submission ( saying ) : We used not to do any wrong . Nay! Surely Allah is Knower of what ye used to do .
16.29 . So enter the gates of hell , to dwell therein for ever . Woeful indeed will be the lodging of the arrogant .
16.30 . And it is said unto those who ward off ( evil ) : What hath your Lord revealed? They say Good : For those who do good in this world there is a good ( reward ) and the home of the Hereafter will be better . Pleasant indeed will be the home of those who ward off ( evil ) .
16.31 . Gardens of Eden which they enter , underneath which rivers flow , wherein they have what they will . Thus Allah repayeth those who ward off ( evil ) .
16.32 . Those whom the angels cause to die ( when they are ) good They say : Peace be unto you! Enter the Garden because of what ye used to do .
16.33 . Await they aught save that the angels should come unto them or thy Lord ' s command should come to pass? Even so did those before them . Allah wronged them not , but they did wrong themselves ,
16.34 . So that the evil of what they did smote them , and that which they used to mock surrounded them .
16.35 . And the idolaters say : Had Allah willed , we had not worshipped aught beside Him , we and our fathers , nor had we forbidden aught without ( command from ) Him . Even so did those before them . Are the messengers charged with aught save plain conveyance ( of the message ) ?
16.36 . And verily We have raised in every nation a messenger , ( proclaiming ) : Serve Allah and shun false gods . Then some of them ( there were ) whom Allah guided , and some of them ( there were ) upon whom error had just hold . Do but travel in the land and see the nature of the consequence for the deniers!
16.37 . Even if thou ( O Muhammad ) desirest their right guidance , still Allah assuredly will not guide him who misleadeth . Such have no helpers .
16.38 . And they swear by Allah their most binding oaths ( that ) Allah will not raise up him who dieth . Nay , but it is a promise ( binding ) upon Him in truth , but most of mankind know not ,
16.39 . That he may explain unto them that wherein they differ , and that those who disbelieved may know that they were liars .
16.40 . And Our word unto a thing , when We intend it , is only that We say unto it : Be! and it is .
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