18.61 . And when they reached the point where the two met , they forgot their fish , and it took its way into the waters , being free .
18.62 . And when they had gone further , he said unto his servant : Bring us our breakfast . Verily we have found fatigue in this our journey .
18.63 . He said : Didst thou see , when we took refuge on the rock , and I forgot the fish and none but Satan caused me to forget to mention it , it took its way into the waters by a marvel .
18.64 . He said : This is that which we have been seeking they retraced their steps again .
18.65 . Then found they one of Our slaves , unto whom We had given mercy from Us , and had taught him knowledge from Our presence .
18.66 . Moses said unto him : May I follow thee , to the end that thou mayst teach me right conduct of that which thou hast been taught?
18.67 . He said : Lo! thou canst not bear with me .
18.68 . How canst thou bear with that whereof thou canst not compass any knowledge?
18.69 . He said : Allah willing , thou , shalt find me patient and I shall not in aught gainsay thee :
18.70 . He said : Well , if thou go with me , ask me not concerning aught till I myself mention of it unto thee .
18.71 . So the twain set out till , when they were in the ship , be made a hole therein . ( Moses ) said : Hast thou made a hole therein to drown the folk thereof? Thou verily hast done a dreadful thing .
18.72 . He said : Did I not tell thee thou couldst not bear with me?
18.73 . ( Moses ) said : Be not wroth with me that I forgot , and be not hard upon me for my fault .
18.74 . So the twain journeyed on till , when they met a lad , he slew him . ( Moses ) said : What! Hast thou slain an innocent soul who hath slain no man? Verily thou hast done a horrid thing .
18.75 . He said : Did I not tell thee that thou couldst not bear with me? '
18.76 . ( Moses ) said : If I ask thee after this concerning aught , keep not company with . Thou hast received an excuse from me .
18.77 . So they twain journeyed on till , when they came unto the folk of a certain township , they asked its folk for food , but they refused to make them guests . And they found therein a wall upon the point of falling into ruin , and he repaired it . ( Moses ) said : If thou hadst wished , thou couldst have taken payment for it .
18.78 . He said : This is the parting between thee and me! I will announce unto thee the interpretation of that thou couldst not bear with patience .
18.79 . As for the ship , it belonged to poor people working on the river , and I wished to mar it , for there was a king behind them who is taking every ship by force .
18.80 . And as for the lad , his parents were believers and We feared lest he should oppress them by rebellion and disbelief .
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