5.61 . When they come unto you ( Muslims ) , they say : We believe ; but they came in unbelief and they went out in the same ; and Allah knoweth best what they were hiding .
5.62 . And thou seest many of them vying one with another in sin and transgression and their devouring of illicit gain . Verily evil is what they do .
5.63 . Why do not the rabbis and the priests forbid their evil speaking and their devouring of illicit gain? Verily evil is their handiwork .
5.64 . The Jews say : Allah ' s hand is fettered . Their hands are fettered and they are accursed for saying so . Nay , but both His hands are spread out wide in bounty . He bestoweth as He will . That which bath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and disbelief of many of them , and We have cast among them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection . As often as they light a fire for war , Allah extinguisheth it . Their effort is for corruption in the land , and Allah loveth not corrupters .
5.65 . If only the People of the Scripture would believe and ward off ( evil ) , surely We should remit their sins from them and surely We should bring them into Gardens of Delight .
5.66 . If they had observed the Torah and the Gospel and that which was revealed unto them from their Lord , they would surely have been nourished from above them and from beneath their feet . Among them there are people who are moderate , but many of them are of evil conduct .
5.67 . O Messenger! Make known that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord , for if thou do it not , thou will not have conveyed His message . Allah will protect thee from mankind . Lo! Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk .
5.68 . Say : O People of the Scripture! Ye have naught ( of guidance ) till ye observe the Torah and the Gospel and that which was revealed unto you from your Lord . That which is revealed unto thee ( Muhammad ) from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and disbelief of many of them . But grieve not for the disbelieving folk .
5.69 . Lo! those who believe , and those who are Jews , and Sabaeans , and Christians whosoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve .
5.70 . We made a covenant of old with the Children of Israel and We sent unto them messengers . As often as a messenger came unto them with that which their souls desired not ( they became rebellious ) . Some ( of them ) they denied and some they slew .
5.71 . They thought no harm would come of it , so they were willfully blind and deaf . And afterward Allah turned ( in mercy ) toward them . Now ( even after that ) are many of them willfully blind and deaf . Allah is Seer of what they do .
5.72 . They surely disbelieve who say : Lo! Allah is the Messiah , son of Mary . The Messiah ( himself ) said : O Children of Israel , worship Allah , my Lord and your Lord . Lo! whoso ascribeth partners unto Allah , for him Allah hath forbidden Paradise . His abode is the Fire . For evildoers there will be no helpers .
5.73 . They surely disbelieve who say : Lo! Allah is the third of three ; when there is no God save the One God . If they desist not from so saying a painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve .
5.74 . Will they not rather turn unto Allah and seek forgiveness of Him? For Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .
5.75 . The Messiah , son of Mary , was no other than a messenger , messengers ( the like of whom ) had passed away before him . And his mother was a saintly woman . And they both used to eat ( earthly ) food . See how we make the revelations clear for them , and see how they are turned away!
5.76 . Say : Serve ye in place of Allah that which possesseth for you neither hurt nor use? Allah it is Who is the Hearer , the Knower .
5.77 . Say : O People of the Scripture! Stress not in your religion other than the truth , and follow not the vain desires of folk who erred of old and led many astray , and erred from a plain road .
5.78 . Those of the children of Israel who went astray were cursed by the tongue of David , and of Jesus , son of Mary . That was because they rebelled and used to transgress .
5.79 . They restrained not one another from the wickedness they did . Verily evil was that they used to do!
5.80 . Thou seest many of them making friends with those who disbelieve . surely ill for them is that which they themselves send on before them : that Allah will be wroth with them and in the doom they will abide .
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