6.121 . And eat not of that whereon Allah ' s name hath not been mentioned , for lo! it is abomination . Lo! the devils do inspire thee minions to dispute with you . But if ye obey them , ye will be in truth idolaters .
6.122 . Is he who was dead and We have raised him unto life , and set for him a light wherein he walketh among men , as him whose similitude is in utter darkness whence he cannot emerge? Thus is their conduct made fad seeming for the disbelievers .
6.123 . And thus have We made in every city great ones of its wicked ones , that they should plot therein . They do but plot against themselves , though they perceive not .
6.124 . And when a token cometh unto them , they say : We will not believe till we are given that which Allah ' s messengers are given . Allah knoweth best with whom to place His message . Humiliation from Allah and heavy punishment will smite the guilty for their scheming .
6.125 . And whomsoever it is Allah ' s will to guide , He expandeth his bosom unto the Surrender , and whomsoever it is His will to send astray , He maketh his bosom close and narrow as if he were engaged in sheer ascent . Thus Allah layeth ignominy upon those who believe not .
6.126 . This is the path of thy Lord , a straight path . We have detailed Our revelations for a people who take heed .
6.127 . For theme is the abode of peace with their Lord . He be their Protecting Friend because of what they used to do .
6.128 . In the day when He will gather them together ( He will say ) : O ye assembly of the jinn! Many of humankind did ye seduce . And their adherents among humankind will say : Our Lord! We enjoyed one another , but now we have arrived at the appointed term which Thou appointedst for us . He will say : Fire is your home . Abide therein for ever , save him whom Allah willeth ( to deliver ) . Lo! thy Lord is Wise , Aware .
6.129 . Thus We let some of the wrong-doers have power over others because of what they are wont to earn .
6.130 . O ye assembly of the jinn and , humankind! Came there not unto you messengers of your own who recounted unto you My tokens and warned you of the meeting of this your Day? They will say : We testify against ourselves . And the life of the world beguiled them . And they testify against themselves that they were disbelievers .
6.131 . This is because thy Lard destroyeth not the townships arbitrarily while their people are unconscious ( of the wrong they do ) .
6.132 . For all there will be ranks from what they did Thy Lord is not unaware of what they do .
6.133 . Thy Lord is the Absolute , the Lord of Mercy . If He will , He can remove you and can cause what He will to follow after you , even as He raised you from the seed of other folk .
6.134 . Lo! that which ye are promised will surely come to pass , and ye cannot escape .
6.135 . Say ( O Muhammad ) : O my people! Work according to your power . Lo! I too am working . Thus ye will come to know for which of us will be the happy sequel . Lo! the wrong- doers will not be successful .
6.136 . They assign unto Allah , of the crops and cattle which He created , a portion , and they say : "This is Allah ' s" in their make believe "and this is for ( His ) partners in regard to us . " Thus that which ( they assign ) unto His partners in them reacheth not Allah and that which ( they assign ) unto Allah goeth to thee ( so called ) partners . Evil is their ordinance .
6.137 . Thus have their ( so called ) partners ( of Allah ) made the killing of their children to seem fair unto many of the idolaters , that they may ruin them and make their faith obscure for them . Had Allah willed ( it otherwise ) , they had not done so . So leave them alone with their devices .
6.138 . And they say : Such cattle and crops are forbidden . No one is to eat of them save whom We will in their make believe cattle whose backs are forbidden , cattle over which they mention not the name of Allah . ( All that is ) a lie against Him . He will repay them for that which they invent .
6.139 . And they say : That which is in the bellies of such cattle is reserved for our males and is forbidden to our wives ; but if it be born dead , then they ( all ) may be partakers thereof He will reward them for their attribution ( ordinances unto Him ) . Lo , He is Wise , Aware .
6.140 . They are losers who besottedly have slain their children without knowledge , and have forbidden that which Allah bestowed upon them , inventing a lie against Allah . They indeed have gone astray and are not guided .
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