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Why Nicole Queen reverted to islam (video)
30 January 2008 09:32
Like many others...

4 February 2008 22:34
She might change her mind once she sees this


or this


5 February 2008 00:39
she's cute
10 February 2008 20:52
I reaklly didn't know about that .Do you have any prouf like video or ...
11 February 2008 00:12


the second video is a joke particularly the explanation in the computer with the “pictures” .... 8 yo child may draw better than him…I can’t believe it!…the guy is not thinking at all before he’s talking as he is pretending..…how could he ?.... he seems not to have a brain to think with first!!!!

For the first video …I’m assuming he’s talking about Arabic women …coz I know some European girls practicing martial arts since years they will break his bones if he just thinks to touch them … it’s a shame for us in the twenty century....
13 February 2008 21:04
felfela, you are sooo far from the truth.

you fail to understand some basics things about "dealing with the others"... you are intolerant and weak...

it's not up to you to decide if the husband have the right to beat his wife or not. you dont have the right to decide if it's good or bad neither.

only weak minded people let their emotions control them.

like it or not, there is room for debate about these questions.

and the second video is pure rubbish... just look at the title:
muslim men and women intelligence compared by Islam retard!!

I have little tolerance to people like you.
it's not a comparison about intelligence... but about how they "work".

if i say that women follow their emotions more than men. does it mean that women are more stupid than men?

it's your conclusion, a biased and unfair conclusion. from the start you think that Muslims mistreat women, and your mind does the rest... nice work sir! you are the best.
13 February 2008 22:56

I really dont understand what your are talking about.

These videos are not mine, they are excerpts from Iqraa Tv and the Qatari tv, quoting 2 muslim "scholars".

i just provided the link to the 2 videos.
13 February 2008 23:14
you show us these two videos like if they were negative things about Islam.

and i'm not discussing if what they said is true or not.

but just the interpretation you use.

why she would change her mind after watching these videos? go ahead, explain this to me please.
14 February 2008 12:11
you show us these two videos like if they were negative things about Islam.

ouch, I fear the worst

so for you, there is nothing negative about that video?
14 February 2008 12:30
there you go... you are slow by the way...

you needed some time to understand... so yes, I'm not shocked by these two videos.
I'm sure there is an explanation.

and by the way, I'm waiting for your explanation, go ahead, and explain to me why these videos are negative.
I bet you cant explain.
14 February 2008 12:59
No I can't sorry, only someone without a brain would not understand why they are negative, go and get a brain first and I will explain after.

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14 February 2008 13:28
felfela, i feel the same way about you sir.

but as you are not the only one reading here, i will try to give a possible explanation (i dont pretend to be holding the truth) (just pretending you too dont hold the truth)

there is people who say that "beating" is "wrong"... always. not only for your wife, but i mean everyone and anyone. dont beat your kids, dont beat your wife etc etc...

but I think that human being is easily corrupt by such "rules".
of course i'm against the use of violence. but i think that violence is a possible solution when the other "civilized" solutions fail.

it's a thing i use with the others. i'm nice, gentle and yadda yaddda yadda... but if they cross a yellow line, i will beat the crap out of them. and if they cross a red line, i will do even more... I wont kill them, because it's forbidden (will hurt me more than it will hurt them)... but i will call the police/ask for divorce or something of this kind following the situation...

and believe me, once they KNOW that you can beat them if they cross a line. people stay respectful with you. because they know that you respect them, and that you can stop doing this if you wanted to. it's like an animal reflex.

i think that you can solve problems with words. but when words fail, a good punch in the face can do the trick.

and you can use it with kids too. "no baby, throwing your sister out of the window is bad."
but once he understands that throwing his sister out of the window is bad. what do you do? explain it again while he already understands?
not... you give him a nice slap in the face, to show him that bad things for his sister can be bad for him too.

and now, can you explain to me how saying that women speak too much... or speak without thinking it first... means that they are stupid...
20 February 2008 08:42
Please forget the video. It is very sad to see this bullshit allowed on TV.
What an idiot!
20 February 2008 08:44
20 February 2008 16:00

Maybe you forgot to mention the rules for beating a wife:

After seeing this video I wonder how "hard" you're allowed to beat a woman without leaving traces on her. It's not more than a correction tick. It's not meant to harm your wife, but just to correct her in a certain way.

Some idiots don't even listen to the rules and are wrong as in many other things. Those people will be hold responsible in the afterlife for what they've done.

Peace with you.
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