Gracias amigo!! J'ai contacté directement l'ambassade mais il savent pas apropos si il ya un traducteur nippone ici. La seul chose si que je vais mettre mes document 1erment en ...More
Thank you for all guys!!! No glad to hear from each one opinion. Aymen1978 !!! Can you please handle me your friend's email ,I wanna contact him before I reach there. Maybe he's going ...More
I reaklly didn't know about that .Do you have any prouf like video or ...More
Thanks dj moad for your nice answer. I know that the program it takes three years in order to be a general nurse.My email is I am asking who knows some cheap nurse school and some address. I ...More
I 've met one Japanese girl and we wanna marry in summer ich'allah.So,I 've starting learning some japanese and about the culture as well .But the objectif of my email here is if ...More
I guess that's very scary a lot .Girls you should be careful from people you are staying with.There are very dangerous guy who sometimes want to take revenge from even their girl-friend.Well,to ...More
Hello.. I am sorry if my english is not very well .Well,I just want to say that if you are looking for a perfect girl that 's hard to find is like you water in sand .Well,you can give a choice ...More
Hmmm.. I really understand now .Thank you a lot .I really appreciat your help. Have a good ...More
Friend, if you are looking for moroccan one who's currenlty living here ,ic an handle you her address's email.. Se y soon here's her email's address ...More
Hey Asmae. One intersting question please,do you know where to send the applications. If you know the address please let me hear from ...More
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