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Is there sth in Morocco what's called Walt disney english test???
1 January 2008 18:14
Hello Folks!!
First of all happy new year !
My question is I have heard some guystalking about sth whihc's called Walt Disney English test???
they assume that if you succeed in this test that enroll in Morocco sometimes that I really dunno so far,then you can go to US ...
Please friends who know sth about this issue help me and let me know..
Ps:Also,I wanna pass the Toefl exam and I dunno where to register and when this exam will take place.Although,I 've checked and I found out that you can do an online Inscription ,is that safe or true?
Thank you in advance..
2 January 2008 23:30
yes that true it was an english test to work with walt disney
for one year but you have to have a diploma in hotel and tourism and the age between 19 and 25 i think Perplexe
if you wanna participate you have to wait for the next year
because the people who hav been accepted will go for this year 2008
you can send your resum in juin
so good luck thumbs up
9 January 2008 15:35
Thanks so much.
I knew that students who have a Toursim diploma they can go to U.S if they succeed,but I've head also that students who speak fluent english they can enroll to this exam.
Please who know more about this issue ,let help each other and Allah is with us.
Ps:who know any further info and details,you can also write me to my address email ;[email protected]
9 January 2008 15:36
Hey Asmae.
One intersting question please,do you know where to send the applications.
If you know the address please let me hear from y.
10 January 2008 00:47
hi mohamed
i passed the interview through the school of hotel and tourisme
but if you want you can sent your resum to anapec but as i know you have to have a diploma in the field of hotels and tourisme
10 January 2008 13:38
I really understand now .Thank you a lot .I really appreciat your help.
Have a good day.
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