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I want to marry a British Morrocon Girl
8 January 2008 16:58

I'm very much fascinated with arab/moroccon culture

I am looking for an educated girl with Moroccan origins for marriage purpose in UK.
I was wondering whether you can help please.

I'm Muslim, 34 years of age, UK born n Bred. Pakistani Origin, Post Grad Educated, Good Job in London,Originally from Leeds.

9 January 2008 15:47
if you are looking for moroccan one who's currenlty living here ,ic an handle you her address's email..
Se y soon
here's her email's address :[email protected]
9 January 2008 15:50
will she not mind a stranger contacting her randomly?

what shall i say where i got her email address from?
10 January 2008 20:19
may i ask why you're looking specifically for a moroccan girl? there are many nice british pakistani girls looking for a husband in london.... sorry i'm getting a bit personal, but really i'm curious: what is it that you find so special about us?
10 January 2008 22:06
you have every right to ask.

1 - My ancestors were arab, hence ive always been interested in going back to my roots. and out of all arab nations i find north african nations more warm and hospital
2 - adventure and challenge has always been part of me, and adjusting to a different culture has always fascinated me - like historically great adventurours always did
3 - for me a partner being muslim has always been a core requirement
4 - im not ruling out any nice pakistani women, its a matter of who suits me and my life style, no harm in venturing out to other cultures

im sure if given an opportunity ill be able to have a more intersting and constructive debate on this topic
11 January 2008 10:58
How about scanning larger by extending your search to other forums like the algerien, tunisien etc.....
Probably you already did.
15 January 2008 22:41
We can swap you a Moroccan educated lovely girl for two lovely educated Pakistani Origin and British ones. I have a female cousin in London and two male cousins in Morocco would love moving here. What do you say? Let’s make it a big wedding.

Adidas and no bol
16 January 2008 00:41
Hi really like your idea.

I do have some freinds whom I can introduce you to. Both are Pakistani origin but one is british born and the other german born but both in london.

if you can send me some details such as pics etc and even a phone number if possible then i can pass them over to them.

lets see what happens, if it works out for your cousin then great, if not then im sure i have a few other in mind that i can put forward.

my email address for personal contact is [email protected]
16 January 2008 21:48
Asamaslam or whatever is your nameNo No
Are you a pimp? introducing young girls to strangers,what kind of Muslim are you? You should be ashamed of yourself and then again you are a Pakistani no morals or ethicsConfused smiley
In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
16 January 2008 23:56

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