Learning English from Moroccans of a yabi is hilarious. you need to jump to England for a few months, get a job and be surrounded by English, you soon pick it up. Moroccans normally are gifted with ...More
What is the aim of it that t will make it good or bad (It is not in Coran to judge it from a religious view only someone's opinion 3alim) What I think of it personnaly is bellow: It is a ...More
Non pas du tout juste parfois il faut rester réaliste on a toujours le choix , personne ne le faire ou meme te donner de conseil sauf toi. Bonne ...More
Et bienon a toujours le choix d'une education et un travail ou une promesse de al jana et un bonheur eternelle . c'est question de vous ce que vous voulez faire avec votre ...More
Mais cela depend de vous a 20 ans vous devez avoir une vision de la frrance , du Mroc et ou vous voulez vivre loin de la religion. Si vous etes en france vivez avec pas a ...More
Just popped my head in and saw this thread The bloke who developed the internet has to be thanked for it all the time. Of course there are idiots wherever you go but using it with care will prove to ...More
Moroccans are everywhere they have found one in Mars too:danse: The easiest way is to go there and make friends from there don't just look for Moroccans you get more problems then ...More
Not too soon one has to be patient. " will you come" sounds like a Moroccan song but still its not too too bad laba7ss 3leek/ moutawassit. Prctice makes you stronger don't ...More
5 avril 2012 à 15:23 [Morocco # English board]
if your name is Batata your name is still Batata in chieneese or Spanish or French. Hijab is a name for the vale used so Hijab is in any ...More
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