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Willing to study nursing in Canada
9 January 2008 15:53
Hello again,
I also heard that studying nursing in Canada is easy because actually nurses are in high demande in all whole world.If someone who already applied to a canadian university,to handle me some info and what are the best tips to follow and if there is any chance as well to get a scholarship.
26 January 2008 09:58
just keep looking in google, you'll surely find the right university for you!
5 February 2008 00:17
hey hey, don't really know what you want. a nurse in here, you study in college, not university, you can do a technique for 3 years, in montreal, well, i grew up here, where you live now ?
5 February 2008 21:40
Canada one big boring thing, u can better move to europe bouyamed its much better, more Moroccans than in Canada.
10 February 2008 20:46
Thanks dj moad for your nice answer.

I know that the program it takes three years in order to be a general nurse.My email is I am asking who knows some cheap nurse school and some address.
I love canada so much,because it's a safe country and people are very great..
31 January 2013 08:22
hello. i ll like to study in canada,pls if there is any form out i will like to know. you can send me the details in my mail.
7 May 2013 22:00
hello,i like to study in canada but i already hv first degree. am interested in studing nursing as a second degree. which school is suitable and cheaper for this course and also collect ielts as test.
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