at least you have to admit one thing guys: moroccan banks are amongst the only institutions in morocco to put their signs out every summer to welcome us (i've always wondered why they would go ...More
8 septembre 2006 à 22:40 [Morocco # English board]
hi there i just wanna say thank you so much for sharing this with us here: i was desperate to watch the movie since so much fuss had been made around it, but couldn't find it here in europe ...More
Re: *IN* Morocco?
8 septembre 2006 à 22:35 [Morocco # English board]
hi kore, if you don't mind me asking: what's life in morocco really like for a western raised moroccan (as i like to call us)? because even though i don't know in which country ...More
hi shusita sounds like you've been the victim of some over zealous staff at the university you applied at.... i've heard the same story from a friend of mine who applied for a post ...More
hi chelhman i totally agree with you here and would like to suggest a reply to the question "how come a civilisation that achieved so many great things in the past is now incapable of taking ...More
hi abdati, yes sure i'll be more than happy to get to know any moroccans, regardless of where they live. but if on top of that, i could get to know some of them here in oxford, it would be ...More
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