chaïba kadim
J'aime bien cette "petit a petit" le temps que le maroc va arrive a cette "democratie", il sera classe 180 sur 180 a l'indice de corruption. Impossible d'avoir ...More
I had a discussion today with a counselor in charge of admission. She said that it does not matter if you are private or public school. They have a kind of listing of all schools, degrees and classes ...More
I just foud an article about how to fix the issue with magic jack. Source: (copy/past) I did not try it yet, but since the fix is from MagicJack themselves, I guess it will work :) ...More
I'm too kind to watch you doing wrong thing and shut up :) the point is not AL Akhawayn is good school or not, its way more complicated than that. Before you think about your family and ...More
This is the end of the world :) Are you serious? you wana go back to Morocco and attend an American School in Morocco when you already live in USA??? Why don't you just go to American School ...More
Thanks for the link, as you said you never now how much you will pay the next month :) I will check them ...More
So, they hack the magic jack or the computer??? Cause my parents switch computers a lot. I think I see where the Kssariya is located, I will let them ...More
Calm down people. Lets return to our subject. How can some people affirm that it's still working? If making it work is "Illegal" so I like "ILLEGAL" stuff, show me how to ...More
This getting very technical for a common user as me. All I want is that my mom can call when ever she wants to and where ever I was :) All I know, is that in Morocco they can do what ever they ...More
Jallaba Haydoora taymooma guadeed and courdass tmar wa shreeha tkh7ashir kh7andeel ou loukh7eed Malek ghadi lhaj fouk chi jmal :) :) :) :) ou nssiti chi Jariya :) :) ...More
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