Re: need help
5 septembre 2017 à 19:11 [Morocco # English board]
Still married? Confused smiley 6 years and still going ALLAHU AKBAR! and i apologise for my ...More
.برطما للبيع في انزا العليا فيها 73 متر ونص. فيها الما والضو معزولين ومعا نص في السطح فيها 2 بيوت كبار كوزينة مرح ...More
Re: need help
31 janvier 2012 à 19:58 [Morocco # English board]
i aint a morrocan you silly mother fuc ker. and all you muslimahs can go fuck yourselves. i don't need you mother fukin help. "Where did you meet this Jamila & are you moroccan ...More
Re: need help
10 janvier 2012 à 19:49 [Morocco # English board]
the girl has to learn enough english to get entry into the united kingdom. "enough english" means basic ...More
Re: need help
3 janvier 2012 à 21:12 [Morocco # English board]
sister i sent you her email ...More
Re: need help
22 décembre 2011 à 18:08 [Morocco # English board]
i came here because i don't know anyone from morroco except jamila and her father 3bdul ...More
Re: need help
22 décembre 2011 à 18:07 [Morocco # English board]
assalamu3laykum akhee are you from ...More
Re: need help
18 novembre 2011 à 18:53 [Morocco # English board]
if any sister is interested, i can pm you jamila's email address and then you can discuss with her how you would like to link up with her ...More
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