At this point, I've said all I had to say, not gonna bother with debating or try to convince anyone. It is what it is. If it's your will (or anyone else's) to dismiss what I've ...More
Traveling is definitely the best way for real, I been wanting to get on that for some time now I'm just too busy with some business stuff that can only happen locally for now. Best believe ...More
Really sorry if I've stirred up controversy or disrespected you or anyone else, I can assure you it wasn't intentional. You know, I could have easily left out that part, and only ...More
Hell, even if I analyze my original post and look at it from someone else's point of view, I still can't see how it's not reasonable. If a person wouldn't be enjoying their time ...More
Don't take it personal bro, it's really not meant to offend or anything of that sort. I just specified a preference for the time being that's all, it doesn't mean I'm never ...More
With all due respect, that's your opinion, and you are totally entitled to have it. But me I beg to differ on this aspect, firstly because gender-bias is a real thing, and secondly because there ...More
100% correct on females only, and the culture part. :) Honestly, anyone can choose to do whatever they desire, however they see fit, so why would making a specific inquiry be a big deal? Taking ...More
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