Call the doctor and ask them. Could be nothing & she'll get past it, but why take the ...More
You'd have to contact a shipper and get a quote for an accurate answer. I know this company ships internationally and they'll quote you for free without ...More
There are crackpot people with medical licenses too. It doesn't exempt them from being crazy. ...More
That sounds more like a you problem than a problem that other people have. If you view people that negatively you will never be ...More
Hope you followed this advice. It's the sensible response. ...More
Start slow and build up to an intense regimen. You risk getting injured if you go strong into a workout routine that may have worked for you that long ...More
I would recommend finding an American tv show that you like so you can watch and learn as you are entertained. If you've found one dubbed over in French that you like, that can make it easier ...More
Incredible. I should have stuck with soccer when I was younger. Even these older guys are making a fortune. Granted, Ronaldo is a top tier player and a big name. ...More
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