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Casablanca - customs and excise on small goods
9 September 2010 18:32

everyone - mabrook el eid to everyone celebrating tomorrow. I hope the weather doesnt let us down!!

I have a quick question about dewena (douane) tariffs for items coming into Moroccan borders.

I tried to send my cousin a package the other day. DHL. £40 for a next day delivery from London to Casa. A tiny package of three items - tshirt, purse and a small photo album.

DHL asked me to value the items for insurance purposes and (stupid me) put the actual value of £100 on there (dont ask).

Anyways. Package gets to Casa dewena who take it upon themselves to rip open the packages (apparently just to verify that the description on the box was correct and that this light, small package didnt contain anything other than a bloody tshirt purse and album - something they obviously do with the 1000s of packages coming through douane every day - my articles were probably so small that their xray and scanner machines were confused by them).

then then call my cousin and ask her to pay £45 worth of delivery charges as well as £62 in customs and taxes (??)

the questions (after the rant) are, does anyone know whether:

1. duty is payable on single items of clothing and or small leathers?

2. if so - where can I find the tariffs?

I did find this [] which has tariff CODES on it, but I dont know how to use the codes to figure out the relevant percentages.

Im sick and tired of moroccan customs officers shmeta, tam3 and sheer lack of thought for anything but their own pockets!

It happens to me every year by car at ceuta and tangier. they see some girl driving up the lane and decide its pay day. well - fool no more!!

Im happy to pay DUE excise duties - however I find it hard to believe that for every £100 worth of simple delivery into Morocco there is a £62 levy? surely not for a top and small purse?

any help is appreciated guys

18 September 2010 15:14
Our system of taxes and duties is outdated and stupid, that's why it generates so much corruption. People will always try to bypass unjust taxes, which brings me to my point, you'll need to find another way to ship your goods, in the continent they are a lot of buses going back and forth from major european capitals, so see if there's a bus line from where you are and talk to them, you'll pay an extra and they'll deal with Customs.
I'm all for paying taxes and duties, but here the system doesn't make sense, you have taxes of up to 75% on certain items that aren't even produced in Morocco, so it's not about protecting a local industry, it's more about protecting an importer who's close to the legislators when they decide what and how to tax imported products.

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9 October 2010 02:17
hello chichiya

i don't understand ,that you have to pay taxes on t shirt in morocco>
i have been sending gift boxex and parcels as gifts and so on for twenty years nobody had to pay anything.
i don't know what you talking about mate?
don't put value any more
2 January 2014 14:13
same with me...i sent some clothes to my gf in agadir..and now they are calling her to pay huge amount...while i get gifts from my sis...DHL delivers to my door without any duty even if its 500$
20 January 2014 16:11
you are right Manish! people forget that Morocco has moved forward a lot and if anyone is stock use our Moroccan Shippers and they will take care of anything you want to send. Just pay them here and do nt worry about customs or anything else.

They are trustworthy and very good. Think about it. forget the old mentality that you can not trust Moroccans. There is a lot of decent folks.
22 January 2015 01:55
I have the same problem, my friend send me a 3To hard drive that cost about 85£, i was exited to know it will be soon delivered by "Fedex morocco" after a long wait, i expected that it will cost a lot but my friend assure me that it wont be as much as 30£, which in Dirhams is a lot for less than 500g, but when i get the call from "Fedex Casablanca" yesterday, about customs tax, which is 23% of the value of the item, which my friend in good faith rise to 100£, today 21/01/2014 i get another call confirming that the package is blocked at Casablanca customs waiting for payment with two option ideal personally with it i don't really know how from Agadir!!! or make my friend deal with the consequences of his choses which is lame, so i choose my friend, what didn't bother him after cursing all the Moroccan system.

I don't get it really, shouldn't Fedex UK advise there client about the furthers payments before any package reach the destination? will it be any other surprises when the package is out from customs? FedEx Casablanca will certainly charge me i don't doubt it now.

I understand that those regulation are made to help our economy by eliminating any unwanted unfair competition with the local sales, but isn't funny that my friend could send it the traditional way with just 2£ for a kilo, i think what bothers me the most is to imagine that a fragile item as a hard drive can be ruined in customs hands and it will cost me and my friend time and money for nothing.
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