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English : Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and now ? Google Browser
1 February 2005 21:58
maybe because anything that kicks one into Microsoft's clunky IE is a deal...feel free to move it though...

Google browser

Amongst all this activity there has been persistent speculation that Google is going to release its own browser. The reasons for this probably stem from the fear that sometime in the future searching functions could be built in to the browser and the search engine might not be Google. This possibility was proven likely when Firefox introduced its browser with a built-in search box. The default engine for the feature turned out to be Google, but it could have been anything. It's long been known in the technology community that most people simply keep the default and never explore other options.

Then the announcement was made this week that Google had hired the lead developer for the Mozilla Firefox browser, Ben Goodger. Since April Google has had on file its ownership of the domain name After doing an e-mail service called gmail, it should be apparent what gbrowser is. I suspect that this new browser will be an offshoot of the open source Mozilla Firefox browser and Goodger's job will be to ensure a smooth transition. Goodger says he will maintain his ties with the development team, although others in the community are skeptical.

"Hé ! bonjour, Monsieur du Corbeau. Que vous êtes joli ! que vous me semblez beau ! Sans mentir, si votre ramage Se rapporte à votre plumage, Vous êtes le Phénix des hôtes de ces bois."
10 February 2005 06:24
Thanks for sharing the info.
As long as I can have IE off my PC I'm happy. I hardly use it anyway.
Go Firefox go !!! and welcom to GBrowser (or whatever the name is)
11 February 2005 04:27
Hey najib Winking smiley

news ! yahoo made adjustment to its toolbar so there is a specific version for firefox Smiling Smiley

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meanwhile firefox is taking a roughly nice part from the cake
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