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sanee [ PM ]
5 October 2017 18:41
Salam je me retrouve dans une situation très délicate mon visas touriste ne seras plus valable d’ici 1 semaine je veux rester au Royaume-Uni et me marier avec un citoyen européen je voudrais savoir les meilleurs possibilités à faire svp.

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mr.l3foo [ PM ]
11 October 2017 20:46

if you are allowed to go to Irland then you will have inshaalah a possibility. May Allah be with you.
asanoure [ PM ]
19 December 2017 16:20
Why Ireland?! and which possibility he will or she have to regulate their status moving to Ireland?!
Please do feel free to share with us this information
mr.l3foo [ PM ]
5 January 2018 16:31

I just don't want to reveal the possibility on the web otherwise the government will close the door. In any case, the law here in Ireland is not the same as in the UK.
Zanati [ PM ]
7 April 2018 23:44
I am from tunsia ans my wife in repulique ireland I wanr ask how long visa imagination take to République ireland please
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