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Moroccan community London
AppieD [ PM ]
24 August 2011 19:26

I'm from the Netherlands with of course Moroccan roots Smiling Smiley. For business I'm going to work for about 6 months in London. I'm curious if there is a Moroccan community over there? Certainly there are Moroccan people and I love to meet the community, please let me know which district or place I have to go to meet them ;-).

truefriend407 [ PM ]
25 August 2011 02:24
Hi AppieD,

You will find alot of Maroc and other Arab community in London like places of Edgeware Road and Paddington,Notting Hill and Hammersmith etc.

Good Luck for your business.

hobo [ PM ]
1 September 2011 20:15
atlasmagic [ PM ]
15 September 2011 23:15
Please find details about LAM London Al Magharega

moradoune [ PM ]
5 October 2011 18:54

I will come to London very soon, I would like to meet morroccan people there!!!

I used to live there last year during almost 1 year .

Please let me know if there are any events or anything to meet morroccan there.

El Ghazi [ PM ]
28 September 2012 17:21
Salam-a-laikoum everyone,

I am planning to get back to live and work in London.
I lived there from 1998 to 2010 where i worked in the restaurant industry in which unfortunately during all those years of a crazy nightlife lifestyle i get away from my roots my religion and my culture.
So in 2010 i got back near my family in the south of france where i grew up to get in touch with my roots, culture and back ground...i also went back to school and get a Higher national Diploma in Import/export logistics operation management .

Therefore now i am ready for a new departure with a loads of lesson learned and especially this one : "never forget where your from, your roots and culture" as the fall is quite hard and the landing even harder.

I am asking today if someone know any good, serious company that is doing business with morocco, buying or selling good to or from our beautiful country.

I am really seeking companies that doing trade with morocco or companies that sells Moroccan good, events companies that are organizing events in order for me to apply for jobs as i really want to be in that Moroccans spirit that we Moroccans know about as is a lifestyle and is in our genes.

I know that the best areas to live to be in the heart of a Moroccan community is around ladbroke Grove..If is another one please let me know.

Somebody can help by giving me details about how to find cheap accommodation by the time i get a job and move to a better place within the area of course.

I am had work, serious, versatile and have a great personality and also speak french.

Choukrane everyone and hope to read you soon...
rajaamounir [ PM ]
19 April 2013 23:41
Hi everyone
I live in London now for 1 year and half i havent been able to make friend mainly because i got married moved here had a baby so i have been very busy and for who those who know London is very difficult to make friend in specially when you are not studying or working, my baby is now 7 months old things are bit easier and i would love to meet some moroccan moms whos live here, i miss Morocco and my culture and having a moroccan friend will help me alot so if any one knows how to do so please help me.
Magh [ PM ]
21 April 2013 11:32
Please can you help me get this email to El Houcine Fardani at the Moroccan embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam. Many thanks for your assistance.

Dear Mr Fardani

My name is Mohamed Arsalani, a British national residing in Brunei Darussalam, south east Asia.

I am writing in reference to the article "Boujam'a died unnoticed", which appeared on '' Wednesday 17th April 2013. The article is about Boujam'a, a Moroccan descendent who lived all his life in Vietnam. He left behind a Vietnamese wife and two children. There is a family of 12 people related to Boujam'a living in a village called Dao Hoang, 150 km from Hanoi.

I would very much appreciate your assistance as I am planning to pay a visit to the family of Boujam'a in June 2013. This is a humanitarian visit to offer financial assistance to his family and close relatives.

For you information I have never been to Vietnam and don't speak Vietnamese. Thus I am contacting you to find out if you are able to coordinate this humanitarian endeavour to reach out for our Moroccan nationals.

I trust to hear from you shortly so that we can talk further about the assistance I need from your side.

Best wishes

Mohamed Arsalani
Bandar Seri Begawan
Brunei Darussalam
[email protected]om
Costevol [ PM ]
22 April 2013 00:29
Hi Rajaa,

I am an Italian woman living in London who would like to travel to Morocco sometimes in the future and to get to know the culture and its people better.

I work as a nanny and as a family assessor for perspective foster carers,but I also enjoy photography and documentary making.
I work as a freelancer from home and would enjoy meeting new people.

I am friendly and easy going and live with my partner and our cat Chicca. If you would like to know me even if I am not Moroccan, please email me:

[email protected]

or Skype: roberta_montagnini

Roberta :O)))
Costevol [ PM ]
22 April 2013 00:35
I am not sure how this forum works....first time on here....I just wanted to send a private message but my email is showing on the common board....any advice??

Roberta :O)))
elfamilia [ PM ]
27 April 2013 16:31
Salaam Rajamounir I am a bit in same situation with small kids its difficult to meet new people as you are busy at home etc. I live in London, zone 4 - central line. My seven year old is would like to find new friends to play with, I d love to meet moroccan mums. Je parle francais et arabe aussi. Bslama, n
elfamilia [ PM ]
27 April 2013 16:31
Salaam Rajamounir I am a bit in same situation with small kids its difficult to meet new people as you are busy at home etc. I live in London, zone 4 - central line. My seven year old is would like to find new friends to play with, I d love to meet moroccan mums. Je parle francais et arabe aussi. Bslama, n
siwar13 [ PM ]
2 May 2013 15:20
Salaam alikom Smiling Smiley
well , im a student engineer now ,i still have 1 year to get the diploma Inchalah and i want to go to Canada because i ve heard that there is a possibilty of working there for morroccan engineers ?? if there is any information about that please can u help me
thank you
Marocaine&Proud [ PM ]
3 May 2013 22:42
Hi Rajaa,
I am Moroccan and have been living in the UK for a while now. It is quite difficult with a baby in a new country and a new culture. I know I have been there Sad Smiley
I am happy to connect with you, I hope to be of help and a friend in the future.
alami84 [ PM ]
10 June 2013 15:16
hello I am morrocan women lives Birmingham I am alone and I want to know morroccan people.
abdel k b [ PM ]
12 June 2013 18:16
hi alami im moroccan from est midlands that means about an hour far than you but i think there is a moroccan comunity in brimingham i v heard about it it s near Woodbridge Rd and there is a restaurant as well ZAGORA restaurant u can go there and ask lol
beslama abdel
anouarcharif's [ PM ]
13 August 2013 22:19
Hi raja, im morrocan women, i came to uk 6 months ago im in same situation looking for friend but is difucult to

Find them, it will be nice to meet u .

Pls if theirs any moroccan women contact me i want friends im sad here alone

barby84 [ PM ]
20 August 2013 00:09
Hello everyone, my name is Bouchra, with my husband we moved a month ago in London, I grew up in Italy and the last 4 years I lived in Spain .. Now I'm pregnant, my baby will be born in November ... I'm available for a coffee and get to know, I live in Richmond .
My English is not very good and I don't speak French ...

mansubzero2011 [ PM ]
23 August 2013 15:54

if any morrocan muslimah is stuck in al magrib and cannot join her husband in the uk because of new immigration rules then i suggest that the muslimah contact her husband and tell him to practice the "surindar singh" route. this route is a way out from the tough immigrations rules in the u.k. the good thing about al magrib is that it has TWO european cities . ceuta and melila. both cities belong to the eu. your spouse in the u.k can work in any of these two cities for upto 6 months for 2.4 hours (2 hour 24 min) minimum a day. more about this here


after 6 months of living in any of these cities both of you can travel to the u.k and you can live there for 5 years.more than 20 thousand people are trying this route and there is a face book page where people document thier success stories.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 08/23/2013 03:58 by mansubzero2011.
sanazahra [ PM ]
23 August 2013 18:33
hello rajaa
i'm in the same situation as you married with one baby and i wish meet moroccan married women for friendship. i live in edgware road
Ariri [ PM ]
16 September 2013 15:56
Hi everyone,

Have lived most of my life in the EU and haven't been to Morocco that often I'm considering going back to open a cafe/restaurant. Does anyone have some good advice for a female entrepreneur. If you have done it before, I like to hear from you.
Thanks Malika
Nait-Ahmed [ PM ]
18 September 2013 23:32
A Salaam Oua'likoum everyone,
I work as a full time national and international self-employed courier. I would like to let know all my Moroccan brothers and sisters that I have special vans taking goods from all over UK to MOROCCO.
Your Goods will be collected from your house and delivered to your final address destination in Morocco, but also to France or Spain.

All your goods will be insured as I have Goods & Transit Insurance up to £15,000 .
The next departure date will be Monday 7th October 2013 Insha'Allah before Eid-Ul-Adha.
There are also some other Departure dates: 30/11/2013 - 11/01/2014 - 15/02/2014 - 15/03/2014 - 19/04/2014.

Prices are £2.50/KG from England & Wales and £3.00 from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Please pass the message to the whole Moroccan community in the whole UK Insha'Allah.
Thank you very much for your support. You can contact me on: 07969 215 501

Kind Regards,
aminapsychology [ PM ]
26 September 2013 12:36
Hi everyone
im Amina, 24 years, moroccan roots but raise in Italy. I have a Masters in Human Resources and i speak italian,english,arabic and french. Since i dont have a European citizenship yet i was wondering if i can get earsily a visa to work in England (in any position,i dont care for now),can anyone tell me how i should do? Thank you. Amina.
imados1 [ PM ]
17 October 2013 10:56
Hi , I'm a British born Moroccan looking for a serious Moroccan girl living in London. I do not mind if you are a student who has just come to study in the UK. Feel free to call/text me on 07513 235 268
wardaburnett [ PM ]
22 October 2013 11:47
Assalaamo alaikom

I can see that i'm not the only one who is feeling alone in the UK, i just come from Canada, i have no kids for the moment, i would like to meet some moroccan muslim women .

If you are still interested you can contact me via this forum; i live in London .

wardaburnett [ PM ]
22 October 2013 11:51
Assalaamo alaikom Rajaa;

I just come to live in London too with my husband, i fell alone and i need to meet up some muslim moroccan women, i have no kids yet and i'm not working.
It will be nice if i can find moroccan women in London.
If you are interested you can contact me.
Londonian [ PM ]
6 November 2013 00:21
Hey Everyone!

I am studying at King's College, and I am desperately looking for Moroccan people in London, ( I was living in France before).
Contact me if you want to make friends in LondonSmiling Smiley

lamya-bam [ PM ]
10 November 2013 19:18
salam ,

iam a moroccan girl but i live in wales anybody from there ?

Ismahane-m [ PM ]
27 November 2013 15:48
Hi Londonian,

I will live in London from April to September 2014 for an internship.

I saw that you livied in France before so i think you speak franch fluently (si c'est le cas je serai ravie de discuter avec toi en français pour le moment lol vu mon niveau actuel d'anglais!!)

If you still look for "friend" i am here, you can send me a message Winking smiley

Salam Alkm Smiling Smiley
Midlandsmoroccanbritishsociety [ PM ]
16 December 2013 02:38
Message for all Moroccan women and men who are based in Birmingham and other areas of the midlands.
We are looking for to connect with our Moroccans and help and support each orher. We need to make our moroccan community strong and Not isolated. Do not hesitate to contact me.
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