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Reminder concerning Roqya
7 November 2020 10:14
Reminder dear Muslims concerning Roqya.
Assalamou Aleykoum wa rahmatul Allah Barackatu

If you ask for help other than Rabbi Alamin, you are doing Shirks. And no one has powers, the only powers that Rabbi Alamin gave, it is to certain Prophets Sobhannal Allah who created miracles in order to guide the Men. The people (wizards or others, ...) that you are going to see are charlatans who make Shirks to have so-called powers and who work with the Djinns. They will try to keep the enchantment on you, to divert you further from your Dine and take your money. And besides, these Evil & Perverse Djinn creatures laugh at you because they hate Man.

Al An-aam-6-128-And the day when He gathers them all: "O community of jinn, you have abused humans too much". And their allies among humans will say, "O our Lord, we have benefited one another, and we have reached the term You set for us." He will say to them, "Hell is your abode, to stay there forever, unless Allah decides otherwise." Truly your Lord is Wise and Omniscient

Ath Thariyat-51-56-I created jinns and men only to worship Me.

TA-HA 20 69. Throw what is in your right hand; it will devour what they have made. What they have made is only a magician's trick; and the magician does not succeed anywhere ".

And Sura 2 Al Baqara is the Truth for those of the Invisible world because they forgot Allah our creator.
shaytan (Audhu billahi mina shaitan rajeem), he is the only one who must go to Hell, he made the other Djinns forget our creator Allah Al Jawazzal who themselves lead and guide men to their perdition in their daily life by causing them to commit sins.

· “And when I am sick, it is He who heals me. "(Quran 26/80)

· "And if Allah causes disaster to touch you, none other than Him can take it away." [...] "(Koran 6/17)"

And Allah (الله) said: And WE are closer to him than his jugular vein (Sura 56 verse 85)

****NOTE**** :
I'm talking about Roqya and doing it yourself by seeking refuge with Rabbi Alamin (Night prayer, reading / listening to the Koran, Dikr, young, Zakat) against Waswass and the attacks of the Djinns of the Invisible world (because all that is ghost or others does not exist but they are indeed the Djinns).

They all love things that are dark, dirt, houses where there is no dinner, bones, excrements. They are evil creatures which blow on the chest of the Men (doubt, anguish, fear, isolation, sadness, argument / discord with the close relations, ...)

Because only Allah Al Jawazzal can heal you and protect you with Angels

* Sura 114 An Nas
4 Min Sharri Al-Waswāsi Al-Khannāsi
against the evil of the bad adviser, stealth,
5 Al-Ladhī Yuwaswisu Fī Şudūri An-Nāsi
who blows evil into the breasts of men,
6 Mina Al-Jinnati Wa An-Nāsi that he (the adviser) be a jinn, or a human being. "*

Rabbi Alamin will never hurt you, he will test you by your behavior and the sincerity of your heart when you are alone and with others by practicing your Dine correctly.
& above all to have Love for Rabbi Alamin

"Any misfortune that befalls you is because of what your hands have acquired. And He forgives a lot." [Sura As-Shourâ, verse 30]

93. If Allah had willed, He would certainly have made you one community. But He lets whoever He wants to go astray and guides whomever He wants. And you will certainly be questioned about what you were doing.

We are all creatures of Rabbi Alamin created for the purpose of worshiping Allah Al Jawazzal

If you haven't been touched by this evil, you won't understand

The Prophet (sws) said:
(Remember the two great things: Heaven and Hell); then he weeping said, his tears wetting his beard on both sides: (By the one who holds Muhammad's soul in his hand, if you knew what I know of the events of the other world, you would go to the desert and you would throw earth on your heads) reported by Abou Yâala.

Please read the Story of Adam & Eve, Surah the Event, Surah Al Baqara as well as Surah Djinns to start

Allah y Sahel
Allah y Dina
Allah Oualem

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