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Salary range - Logistics / SC professionals
1 February 2015 13:24
Salam Alikum,

I am a young Moroccan professional who specialises in Logistics and supply chain, with over 8 years of hands-on experience in different industries as such FMCG, Maritime, and Pharmaceuticals with big multunational leaders in their industries.

4 years back, I came to Dubai to work for a short-term project with one of top 3 shipping lines worldwide before I joined a US pharma company taking care of their supply chain activities in several countries within the middel east and Africa.

From academic perspective, I have Bac+4 in Logistics & transportation (French degree), got certified by APICS as certified supply chain professional last year, and currently I am pursuing my MBA (UK degree).

As I am thinking to return back home, would you please enlighten me on what salary range I can expect from local employer (Multinational or local companies)?

Thanks so much in advance.
4 February 2015 06:19
Salam Evrebody,

After 73 views, I start wondering whether my question is relevent to the gorup or not ...? Smiling Smiley
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