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Study in New Zealand for moroccans
Mgray [ PM ]
9 July 2019 07:11
Hello , I m Mohamed from morocco I'm at 2nd year after my baccalaureate here in Morocco and I wanna come to new Zealand to pursue my studies there I just want to ask you if My moroccan Baccalaureate is sufficient to get accepted in NZ universities ( Language requirements I could get them just by getting an IELTS Certificate,Well that's not my main question.) cause I have found in multiple universities requirements ( Some GCE OR something IGCSE , or International Baccalaureate.. I don't really know what to do) I would be very thankful If Someone could help me about that.
If anyone want to live there send me a message so we can help each other.
Thanks a lot thumbs up .
Cookiz [ PM ]
9 July 2019 07:38
which college in nz ? the Auckland one? if so, check their website , very informative and well done . i did already contact them for others purposes. they answer quickly and in detail. they will guide you through you application process .best of luck
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