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The Polisario wants to receive MINURSO members east of the security wall

MINURSO members. / DR
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Nothing is working between the Polisario and MINURSO. The Front, in a new letter sent to the Security Council by the representative of South Africa, said that it «cannot accept the conditions which one intends to impose on it with regard to the place and modalities of its talks with» the UN mission.

Brahim Ghali's movement responded to Antonio Guterres' remarks. In his report published on October 3, the UN secretary general reaffirmed MINURSO’s rejection of meeting Polisario members in the areas east of the Security Wall.

A rejection that the Front considers «unacceptable», adding that the «special representative and Head of MINURSO and other senior civil and military officials cannot meet the Polisario Front in any place located within the borders of the territory, particularly in the liberated territories of Western Sahara which it administers».

The movement recalls that former heads of MINURSO, such as Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, Julian Harston and Wolfgang Weisbrod-Weber «went to the liberated territories of Western Sahara, where they held meetings with senior Polisario officials, mainly in Tifariti as well as at other sites».

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