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A «Miss Morocco» apologizes to Egyptian women after defending Saad Lamjarred

Moroccan singer Ibtissam Moumni. / DR
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Moroccan singer Ibtissam Moumni, described by media as «Miss Morocco», apologized last week to Egyptian women following her controversial statements regarding the cancellation of Saad Lamjarred’s concert in Cairo.

Reacting to the campaign launched against the singer, Ibtissam Moumni claimed that Egyptian women looked like ... men. «Do you think that the artist Saad Lamjarred will organize a concert and harass your daughters, who look like men?» Asked the young singer who was also the subject of a campaign denouncing her words.

«Egypt is a sister country. It is dear to our hearts, her wives and people, and I respect it. It is the country of culture and civilization. I was talking about the group of people who attacked Morocco and its women. I certainly did not want to generalize because generalization is the language of the ignorant», she apologized.

«The [rape] case is just an accusation, because nothing has been proven yet. Those who made the decision to cancel [the concert] were bringing art and personal life together. I, being a Moroccan artist who appreciates his art, support the truth because they attacked him for no reason», she continued, ignoring the number of rape cases the singer is involved in.

Ibtissam Moumni became a meme on social media earlier this year. Asked by an Internet user if she was really «Miss Morocco 2009», she replied : «You do not understand French? Miss Morocco 2009, that means Miss Morocco 2020».

The young model had won, in 2018, the title of «first runner-up» during an event entitled «Miss Events Morocco».

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