Migration : Three young Moroccans go missing after trying to reach Spain

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More than ten days ago, three young Moroccans left the city of Al Hoceima, in northern Morocco, to reach the Andalusian coast, El Faro de Ceuta reported. «Their parents are worried and have not heard from them ever since», one of their friends told the Spanish newspaper.

«Othman, Hamza and Al Wahid (…) were not thinking of the consequences when they decided to put their lives in jeopardy», the newspaper wrote.

On October 11, the three young people would have left their city, using a jet ski to reach their destination. However, their families «don’t know if they have made it there».

«Desperation makes (their families and friends) think of the worst whenever they come across news of a deceased migrant, as was the case on Wednesday in Ceuta, where the lifeless body of man was found floating off the shores of La Ribera beach», El Faro de Ceuta wrote.

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