Blockade of Guerguerate : The Polisario and its «army» on alert

After carrying out provocative actions against the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces in Mijek and Guerguerate, the Polisario accuses Morocco and calls for armed mobilization.

Brahim Ghali, the Polisario's leader. / DR
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The Polisario Front is once again beating the drums of war in the Sahara, shortly after a Security Council resolution deemed favorable to Morocco was voted amid the blockage of the Guerguerate border crossing.

The separatist movement announced a state of general alert in the ranks of its army, calling for «mobilization» and «vigilance». In a statement published by the Front's press agency, the «coordinator of the general staff of the army», Mohamed Ibrahim Biadillah confirmed the decision targeting the «Saharawi people's army», during a visit to the East of the security wall near Mijek. 

This statement follows another Polisario press release, published on Saturday, by the separatist movement's general secretariat. An urgent meeting intended to «study the repercussions of the continuation of the Moroccan occupation of its violation of the Military Agreement n°1 and of the ceasefire».

Although the Polisario continues to block Guerguerate, the movement of Brahim Ghali justified this decision by «the mobilization of Moroccan forces to face Sahrawi civilians» at the border crossing separating Morocco from Mauritania.

Morocco «responsible» for the provocation of the Polisario

The movement said that it «holds the Kingdom of Morocco responsible for what may result from this dangerous situation», believing that «the status quo can only be overcome by the submission of Morocco to international legitimacy». A strange ultimatum when the UN has repeatedly asked the Polisario to stop blocking the El Guerguerate border crossing.

The situation in Guerguerate also prompted the Tindouf (Forstin) Support Forum for Autonomists to react. While announcing the opening of a «humanitarian corridor» to allow Mauritanians stranded in Guerguerate to return to their country, Forstin considered that «provocations, sabotage and blocking the road have not given anything» and that «the discourse of victimization that tickles feelings and craves local and international sympathy has been unnecessary».

«The Polisario has gained nothing from the blockage which has not affected Morocco. This approach impacted the Front, turned the international community against it, sabotaged its plans and led to the anger of the Mauritanian people», said the union. In fact, the Mauritanian public opinion is beginning to grow impatient with the inaction of its State and the rise in the prices of vegetables following the blocking of Guerguerate.

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