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Emmerson to start building its Morocco plant in 2021

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Emmerson Plc to start building a $400 million Moroccan potash plant by the end of 2021, the company’s CEO Graham Clarke told Reuters. Production in the Morocco plant is expected to start by 2023.

The plant will be Africa’s largest potash project and is expected to be among the world’s lowest capital cost potash projects, the same source added.

«With the low capital cost and high margins the company will generate, the payback period is three-five years depending on the potash price», Clarke said in an email to Reuters.

The plant has «potential to produce 735,000 tonnes of muriate of potash and 1 million tonnes of de-icing salt per year», the same source added.

The project, which will be built in Khemisset, is expected to generate 760 direct jobs, according to the company.

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