Moroccan army responds to an attack by the Polisario in Mahbes

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The Polisario tried in vain to open a new front against the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) further north (between Zag and Bir Lahlou). Militias from the separatist movement «attacked the Moroccan defense line in the Mahbes sub-sector. The Royal Armed Forces retaliated with anti-tank means and neutralized the enemy», Le360 reports.

For its part, l' revealed that «UN elements including a South African, a Lebanese and three other military observers (a Pakistani and two Egyptians) were able to observe new provocations by the armed militiamen of the Polisario».

We also learned that the Polisario demonstrators, who had been blocking the flow of goods and people in Guerguerate for three weeks, left the border crossing. Moroccan soldiers secured the premises.

The Royal Armed Forces (FAR) proceeded, during the night of Thursday to Friday, to the establishment of a security cordon in order to secure the flow of goods and people through the buffer zone of Guerguarate, linking the two countries, said a statement Friday from the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.

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