FAR intervention in Guerguerate : Polisario leader sends a letter to the UN

Polisario leader Brahim Ghali. / DR
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Shortly after Morocco announced that it deployed army to Guerguerate to secure the flow of goods and people and respond to the Polisario’s provocations, the separatist movement’s leader rushed into sending a letter to the UN Secretary-General.

In his letter, Brahim Ghali claimed that «Moroccan military forces have launched a brutal attack on unarmed Sahrawi civilians who have been demonstrating peacefully in Guerguerate».

Ghali described «the military operation by Moroccan forces (…) as an act of aggression and a flagrant violation of the ceasefire».

In the same letter, the Polisario alleged that the separatist movement’s «forces have been forced to engage the Moroccan forces in self-defense to protect civilians».  

Ghali called «on the United Nations to intervene urgently to put an end to this aggression» and «bring this letter to the attention of the Members of the Security Council».

A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, indicated that «Morocco has decided to act» on the blockage that has been going on for three weeks.

On Friday, the army spoke of a «non-offensive operation without any bellicose intent» which is taking place in the buffer zone to set up a security cordon in order to secure the flow of goods and people.

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