Morocco : Resumption of TUI fly flights to Belgium and France

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TUI fly have announced that it is resuming flights from France and Belgium to Morocco, starting from Thursday, November 12. This resumption puts an end to seven months of immobility, after the Moroccan government halted international flights to stem the spread of the coronavirus and imposed a restricted program.

TUI fly was authorized to operate in France and Belgium, until December 10. This program complements that of special flights, set up to Charleroi (Belgium).

«Initially, flights will be operated from the airports of Rabat, Oujda and Casablanca, to Orly, Bordeaux, Metz (France) and Brussels (Belgium). The Marrakech airport will then welcome flights from / to Orly», a TUI fly statement read.

The development of this program will then be based on government decisions, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation in said countries.

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