Guerguerate : Back to normal following FAR intervention

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The situation was very calm on Saturday in Guerguerate one day after the operation led by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and which made it possible to chase Polisario militias that blocked the border crossing linking Morocco and Mauritania, MAP reported.

Said passage was completely secured by FAR soldiers through the establishment of a security cordon to ensure the flow of goods and people, in accordance with the instructions of King Mohammed VI.

Morocco, and after observing great restraint in the face of the multiple provocations of pro-Polisario elements in the buffer zone, launched an operation Friday morning to end this unacceptable blockage.

After this intervention, the Polisario militiamen voluntarily set fire to the tent camp they had erected and fled in Jeep vehicles and trucks towards the east and south, under the eyes of the observers of MINURSO.

The Polisario armed militia opened fire on the Royal Armed Forces which retaliated, forcing the elements of the separatist gang to flee, without any casualty being recorded.

These elements had entered the buffer zone on October 21, where they carried out acts of banditry, blocked the movement of people and goods on this road, and continually harassed MINURSO military observers.

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