An Algerian Islamist party blames the Guerguerate crisis on the United Arab Emirates

At a time when the Algerian government accuses Morocco of «violating» the ceasefire agreement signed with the Polisario following a military intervention carried out in Guerguerate, the leader of an Islamist party in Algeria blamed the crisis on the United Arab Emirates, linking the opening of an Emirati consulate in Laayoune to the tense situation in the Sahara.

Abderrazak Makri, president of the Movement of Society for Peace. / DR
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While other Algerian political parties have attacked each other, following the Guerguerate crisis and Morocco’s military intervention, the president of the Movement of Society for Peace has chosen to attack the United Arab Emirates.

On his Facebook page, Abderrazak Makri published a post entitled «The United Arab Emirates in the city of Laayoune», referring to the inauguration of the country’s consulate general in the city on November 4. He claimed that «wherever the Emirates go, crises get more complicated and blood sheds».

Contrary to the official Algerian position, the president of the Islamist party admitted reluctantly that what is happening in the Sahara is a Moroccan-Algerian dispute. «We must not believe, here in Algeria, that when Emirati leaders disembark in the Maghreb and intervene in a complex problem between two brotherly countries which will alone come to a common ground one day. They are too weak to be able to face Algeria», he doubled-down.

Abderrazak Makri added that what the United Arab Emirates are doing is part of «a Zionist project supported by the United States and France to blackmail and subdue Algeria». To the politician, «the use of weapons in Guerguerate and the violation of the ceasefire is an unacceptable escalation which only occurred after the United Arab Emirates landed in the region».

«The next period may be darker», he warned, alleging that the Abu Dhabi authorities «are part of a plot to strike, shatter and subdue the Arab and Islamic nation».

UAE behind «affliction»

In his post, he also said that «anyone who believes that avoiding the ploy of the UAE rulers and Zionists and the hypocritical Western powers behind them will be done through submission and concession is mistaken».

«The solution to confront these creators of Fitna (affliction) and their masters is the unity of the ranks, the embodiment of the popular will, the development of the homeland and the good management of its human, material and geographical capacities», he said. Still according to him, to do so, «Algeria has to be an influential and unaffected regional power, effective and unaffected by it, which fills the void left by new international developments, as done by many other regional powers».

It is worth mentioning that Morocco intervened last Friday in the buffer zone of Guerguerate, to put an end to the blockade of the flow of goods and people between the Kingdom and Mauritania by Polisario members since October 21. The FAR announced that the border crossing «is now completely secure» after setting up a security line to ensure the flow of goods and people.

On the same day, several Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, announced their support for the Moroccan operation in the buffer zone.

For the record, the separatist movement announced on Saturday its withdrawal from the 1991 ceasefire agreement and the resumption of war against Morocco.

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