Guerguerate : List of Latin American countries that support Morocco

One of the undeniable signs of Moroccan diplomacy’s return to Latin America, observed in recent years, is the support of countries in the region for the intervention of the FAR in Guerguerate.

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After the Arab States and the African Union, it is time for Latin American countries to support the November 13 operation of the Royal Armed Forces in Guerguerate. 

The Foreign Ministry of Colombia, a traditional ally of the Kingdom in the area for decades, has expressed «its concern over the actions recorded at the Guerguerate border crossing and calls for the free flow of people and goods to be maintained». Bogotá «reiterates its support for efforts to reach a political, lasting and mutually accepted solution, in accordance with the process promoted by the resolutions of the UN Security Council to this effect», the same source said on the Ministry’s official Twitter account.

For its part, Guatemala urged the parties, in a statement from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to «restraint and respect the Security Council resolutions relating to the ceasefire and recalls the need to refrain from any act of provocation which could harm economic and commercial interests in the region of Guerguerate». The Central American country pleads for «the maintenance of dialogue and the resumption of negotiations to advance towards a political, just, lasting and mutually acceptable process, in accordance with the parameters established by the resolutions of the Security Council and in particular the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of states», the Guatemalan government said. For the record, the Deputy Minister of External Relations of Guatemala, Luis Fernando Carranza Cifuentes, went on an official visit to Morocco in September 2019. During a press conference alongside Nasser Bourita, he lauded the autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom in 2007 as a solution to the territorial dispute.

Brazil also expressed its support for the Kingdom. «In the interest of peace and prosperity in the region, Brazil hopes that traffic and trade flows at the Guerguerate border crossing will remain unhindered», Brazilian diplomacy stressed. Brazil is one of the few countries in South America that has never recognized the so-called «SADR». On November 3, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Brazilian House of Representatives also welcomed the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to settle the territorial dispute.

Solidarity with Morocco in the region was also expressed by the President of the House of Representatives in Chile, Diego Paulsen Kehr. In a letter addressed to his Moroccan counterpart, he lauded «the perfectly sane and successful operation without bloodshed or recourse to military force» carried out by the FAR in Guerguerate. 

The same goes for Peru via its Parliament. «Following a motion presented by the Peru-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Group, the Parliament urged the international community to call on the Polisario to stop its provocations. The Congress of the Republic has also positioned itself in favor of a political, realistic, pragmatic and lasting solution to the regional conflict in the Sahara».

The members of the parliament of Venezuela, opposed to the Maduro regime, have also sided with Rabat. «We express our support for the Kingdom of Morocco in its peaceful intervention to put an end to the blockade by the Polisario militias of the Guerguerate border crossing, in southern Morocco on the border with Mauritania», said the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Parliament of Caracas in a statement signed by its president, Armando Armas. Morocco recognizes the government of Maduro opponent Juan Guaido.

Panama's reserved position

The Republic of Panama, a country which recognizes the so-called «SADR», expressed «its concern at the escalation of tensions between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in the region of the Guerguerate strip, a situation which threatens regional peace and security», the Panamanian Foreign Ministry said in a statement .

Panama calls on «the parties to resume the channels of dialogue and negotiation» with a view towards «the cessation of hostilities and the necessary resumption of the political process».

Panama also «urges the appointment as soon as possible of a new Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Western Sahara», the same source concludes.

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