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An ancient Muslim burial site discovered in Spain

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Thanks to a road project, the oldest Islamic-era burial site in Spain was recently uncovered. The site includes 300 tombs dating back to the eighth century.

While working on a road in Tauste, a small municipality in northeast Spain, workers discovered human remains. «We have discovered one of the oldest and best-preserved Muslim cemeteries in the Iberian Peninsula», archaeologist Rafael Laborda said.

«Even though this was a volatile frontier area, our work indicates that this necropolis belonged to a stable Muslim community that lasted for more than four centuries», Laborda added.

For the record, the area where the Muslim burial site was found used to be «a tumultuous region of warring Christian and Muslim fiefdoms».

«This cemetery is at the furthest limit of Islam, and they would have been threatened by Christian kingdoms», Laborda said.

The remains will undergo DNA analysis, according to archaeologists, who would determine the origins of the population and provide more details about that era.

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