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Two suspected terrorists, including a Moroccan, arrested in Spain

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The Spanish national police arrested, this week, two people linked to jihadist terrorism, as part of an operation, carried between Madrid and Toledo.

According to Vozpópuli and El Español, who cite anti-terrorism sources, the detainees are a citizen of Syrian origin and another of Moroccan origin. They will appear before the National Court on Thursday.

The operation took place on Monday and Tuesday in the city of Fuenlabrada and Yuncos in Toledo, where the two suspected terrorists lived. 

The same sources recall that Spain has maintained a level 4 anti-terrorism alert throughout the territory for 5 years.

According to the latest data published by recent reports from the Department of National Security (DSN), the security forces in Spain have so far this year carried out 18 operations against jihadist terrorism, resulting in the arrest of 33 people radicalized and whose activities and messages were beginning to cause concern.

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