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A Moroccan who left her 17-month-old baby for a month sentenced to 16 years in prison

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The Moroccan woman who left her 17-month-old baby for a month at her home in Malaga, was sentenced, Monday, November 30, to 16 years in prison.

According to the Spanish newspaper Diario Sur, the jury found her guilty of the crime of murder and another of temporary abandonment of a minor. 

The prosecution had demanded a sentence of one year in prison for the crime of abandonment and 20 years for murder.  

In mid-November, the Malaga court began the trial of this Moroccan woman, accused of crimes dating back to 2018. According to the prosecution, she arrived in Spain at the end of March 2017 to hide her pregnancy from her father. After giving birth and moving to Malaga to start working, the Moroccan woman left her daughter alone, «with a bottle of water and some cookies and with the door and the windows closed», without returning home for over a month.

The members of her own family alerted the police who, once there, discovered the body of the little girl, abandoned for many weeks.

The lawyer of the young woman, José Luis Rodríguez Candela, had pleaded before the jury that his client «assumed responsibility from the first moment», and «expressed regret». He also assured that the woman «is already in mourning» following this tragedy.

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