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Spanish imports of Moroccan fruits and vegetables up 18.73% by end-September

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Until September 30, 2020, Spain increased imports of cucumbers from Morocco by 32.08% and imports of tomatoes by 28.97% compared to the same period of the previous year.

According to data obtained by Hortoinfo via the statistical service of Estacom (ICEX-Tax Agency), the total number of fruits and vegetables purchased by Spain in Morocco increased in 2020 by 18.73% compared to the previous year, between January and September, increasing from 361,000 tons imported from the Kingdom of Morocco in 2019 to 428,640 tons in 2020.

The most purchased product remains watermelon, with 88,600 tons purchased between January and September 2020, i.e. 63.89% more than what was bought during the first nine months of 2019. The second most imported product was beans, of which Spain bought 58,020 tons from Morocco, 1.81% more than the previous year.

Tomatoes come third, with a volume from January to September of 52,950 tons, +28.97% compared to last year.

Pepper was the fourth largest product by purchased in Morocco, with 47,140 tons, 6.6% less than the previous year when the volume had reached 50,470 tons. Then come oranges with 44,330 tons during the period January to September 2020 against 25,500 tons imported during the same period last year, an increase of 73.86%.

Hortoinfo also highlights an increase of 193.11% for avocado imports from Morocco (11,870 tons).

As for cucumber, the increase in imports between January and September was 32.08%, the volume has risen to 3,550 tons against 2,690 tons of imports a year earlier.

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