Guerguerate : After MINURSO, the Polisario angry with the Security Council

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The Polisario is angry at the UN Security Council. The separatist movement criticized the UN body of not having condemned the operation of the Royal Armed Forces carried out on November 13 in Guerguerate.

The Front «does not expect much» from the UN Council, its representative in New York said on Wednesday. «The silence of this body is mainly due to the policy of double standards, which has long marked the treatment of the Sahrawi question by the Security Council; some countries continue to clearly influence its decisions, most particularly France», he stressed.

Despite numerous requests from the Polisario and pressure from South Africa and Algeria, the Security Council refused to issue a statement condemning the resumption of the flow of goods and people in the Guerguerate border crossing, after a three-week blockage.

Pretoria, the Polisario’ main ally in Africa, which held the rotating presidency of the Council, was unable to include the Sahara issue on its December agenda.

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