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The Polisario wants to offer its «assistance» against the coronavirus in Laayoune

The Polisario's «Minister of Public Health», Jira Bulahi Bad. / DR
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While it denied coronavirus infections in the Tindouf camps, the Polisario Front is once again criticizing Morocco’s management of the pandemic in Western Sahara.

The separatist movement’s «Health Ministry» denounced, Sunday, «the immoral and unprofessional behavior» of Morocco against Sahrawis in the southern provinces.

During an «emergency meeting of the National Coronavirus Prevention Committee», held at the request of the Front, its Minister of Public Health», Jira Bulahi Bad expressed her «concern» at the health situation of Sahrawis.

She thus «called on the international organizations to intervene in order to provide a minimum level of health services in accordance with the principles of human rights».

The person in charge even affirmed the «capacity» of the Front to «welcome all Sahrawi patients» and its availability to «actively participate with the medical teams, the drugs and the necessary equipment, within the framework of any effort of international organizations or bodies to help Sahrawis (…) especially in the city of Laayoune».

This is not the first time that the separatist movement uses the pandemic to criticize Morocco. In July, Brahim Ghali's movement criticized the kingdom, accusing it of «exporting the coronavirus to the Sahara».

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