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To the Algerian army, Morocco’s military intervention in Guerguerate is an «aggression»

Saïd Chengriha, a senior official in the Algerian People's National Army. / DR
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In an article devoted to the military intervention led by the Royal Armed Forces in Guerguerate, El Djeich, the Algerian Army’s magazine, criticized Morocco for launching the operation in November.

«By attacking Sahrawi civilians in Guerguerate, Morocco violated the ceasefire agreement», the magazine wrote, adding that it is «time for the international community and the United Nations to assume their responsibilities because this situation can cause a 'state of war' between Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco».

After the flow of goods and people in Guerguerate was resumed, the Chief of Staff of the Algerian army, Saïd Chengriha and some high-ranking officers went on visits to the military regions of the country.

The day after the FAR operation, the Algerian public channel broadcast a video of about 20 minutes entitled «Except the land of Algeria». The video showed for the first time a Russian-made ballistic missile included passages from speeches of General Saïd Chengriha.

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