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MEPs in the European Parliament denounce the FAR operation in Guerguerate

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Clearly, Algeria has decided to respond to the adoption of a European Parliament resolution condemning the deterioration of human rights in the country. And as it can do nothing against France, accused by its Minister of Communication of being behind the November 26 resolution, the neighboring country has chosen to target Morocco.

It is within the framework of this campaign that three MEPs addressed, on December 7, three written questions to the European Commission on «the repression of the people of the Sahara». These MEPs are Greek Communist Kostas Papadakis and the Portuguese Sandra Pereira and João Ferreira from the European United Left / Nordic Green Left Group (GUE / NGL).

The three denounced the operation of the Royal Armed Forces of November 13 in Guerguarte, describing it as «another example of the failure by the Moroccan authorities to respect the conditions of the ceasefire, international law and human rights and the sovereign right of the Saharawi people to self-determination».

They also questioned the European Commission on «the measures to be taken with a view to reaching a just solution to the conflict through effective and immediate respect for the self-determination of the Saharawi people, including recognition of their sovereignty over their natural resources».  

They also insisted on the steps that the EC intends to take with to allow MINURSO to organize a self-determination referendum in the Sahara. The three written questions made headlines in Algeria.

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