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The compulsory dual nationality of Dutch-Moroccans back in the spotlight

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In an online manifesto published in September 2019, a group of Dutch-Moroccans asked the Dutch government to campaign on its behalf to end the legal requirement that automatically makes of them Moroccan nationals. More than a year later, the request made its way back to the Dutch House of Representatives, following the reaction of the Dutch government.

According to NOS, Het Kabinet has indicated that it «sees no possibility of helping Dutch nationals who want to get rid of another citizenship». «Under international law, it is not possible to force countries to allow citizens living abroad to renounce their nationality», explained the Dutch government. 

The latter now promises to ask a special committee on international law for an independent opinion on the right to renounce citizenship, considering «that this advice is useful, given that there are no rules without ambiguity», the government wrote in a response to the lower house.

Mark Rutte's cabinet also spoke on two proposals made by the Dutch-Moroccan signatories of the manifesto and a political party. According to NOS, the government refused a proposal on the topic from the Democrats 66 (D66) MP, Jan Paternotte.

The authors of the manifesto reiterated their call during the health emergency. Several of them complained that «their Moroccan citizenship proved to be an obstacle» for some Dutch-Moroccans who were stranded in Morocco during teh lockdown and were unable to return to their homes in the Netherlands. 

They recalled that on the other hand, «those having only Dutch citizenships were authorized to leave the country after the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and were even repatriated».

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