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King Mohammed VI to Mahmoud Abbas : «The Palestinian question, at the same level as that of the Sahara»

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and King Mohammed VI. / DR
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King Mohammed VI phoned, Thursday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to inform him about the the telephone call he had with US President Donald Trump.

A statement from the royal cabinet indicates that the King assured to the Palestinian president that his position in favor of the Palestinian cause is «the same and does not change». In this regard, the Sovereign reiterated Morocco's support for the two-state solution and that negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli parties are the only way to reach a final, lasting and comprehensive solution to this conflict.

«The Sovereign also underlined that Morocco always places the Palestinian question at the same level as the question of the Moroccan Sahara», the same statement read.

The Sovereign also assured that the Kingdom, «which places the Palestinian question at the forefront of its concerns, will never give up its role of defending the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, will remain as it has always been - King, government and people, alongside the Palestinian brothers, and will continue their constructive commitment to the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East».

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