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Prince Hicham Alaoui welcomes the US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara

Prince Moulay Hicham Alaoui, King Mohammed VI's cousin. / DR
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Prince Hicham Alaoui welcomed, Thursday, the United States’ recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, calling it «courageous». «We want the next administration to continue on the same path», wrote King Mohammed VI's cousin on Twitter.

On the other hand, the prince ignored the resumption of diplomatic ties between Israel and Morocco, stressing «Morocco's constant, historical and pragmatic support to the Palestinian cause». He affirmed that the kingdom will not deviate from this line, particularly that a «final and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only be reached without the realization of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians».

For the record, the prince had analyzed in an article the normalization between the UAE and Israel, estimating that the agreement of August 13 between the two countries «cannot be considered as a historic betrayal of Arab positions».

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